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At CELLINK, we recognize that science evolves with time and your research should as well. To leverage the power of continuity and address the most-pressing challenges in cell biology, we have developed the CELLCYTE X™, a high-throughput live cell imaging system centered around efficiency, affordability and convenience.

Cell biologists often run experiments using end-point assays, forcing them to draw conclusions about cellular behavior using a single time point. Instead, with a live cell imaging system hosted within the incubator, researchers are able to rewind and replay images acquired from multiple time points to better follow the sequence of biological events and get a comprehensive picture of cell kinetics.

Key Features

1.Improved cell viability: Less disturbances over the course of your experiment, reducing the chances of cellular abnormality.

2.Real-time data analysis: With data collected and processed in real time throughout the experiment.

3.High throughput: Run 6 vessels concurrently to  increase your throughput.

4.Versatility: Multiplex your experiment with Enhanced Contour imaging mode plus 3 fluorescent channels.

5.Excellent optical design: High definition image up to 5 megabytes.

6.Open board reading design:Minimal temperature impact on cell culture plate to maintain cell viability and improve accuracy of experimental. 

7.No special incubator requirements: Any brand incubator is available.

8.Strong compatibility: No special consumable requirements, compatible with common cell plate and T-flask.

9.Easy software:Streamline image acquisition and analysis with our intuitive software platform.

10.Improved data output: Acquire and store thousands of images per experiment.

11.Simple hardware: Compact and easy to set up.

Expand Your Research

Label-free cell confluence、Cell culture quality control、Cytoactive、Apoptosis、Cytotoxicity、Cell proliferation、Immune cell cluster formation、Protein expression、Transfection efficiency、Reporter genes、Spheroid growt。


(Please refer to the product mannual for information details.)