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Carterra LSA Platform
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Understanding a monoclonal antibody's (mAb) mechanism of action (MOA) is fundamental to the discovery of superior therapeutics because a mAb’s epitope largely dictates its biological function. The LSA is the only fully integrated, high throughput mAb screening and characterization platform that combines patented continuous flow microfluidics with array surface plasmon resonance (SPR) detection to deliver high throughput kinetics and epitope discovery applications to support state-of-the art mAb discovery programs.


Categorizing mAbs by kinetics AND epitope is much more relevant than affinity ranking alone, as a mAb’s epitope is an innate property that cannot be rationally enhanced by engineering and ultimately relies on empirical selection. Affinity, on the other hand, can be improved through rational design once the desired epitope is selected.


Identifying mAbs targeting unique epitopes is therefore highly desirable from a discovery perspective because they may offer mechanistically differentiated MOA’s and highly valuable IP opportunities. Epitope screening only a subset of a panel due to throughput limitations restricts epitope diversity, thereby negatively impacting the success of therapeutic drug discovery.


Carterra’s LSA High Throughput SPR instrument delivers the throughput and ease of use to enable high throughput epitope binning.


Technical characteristics:

1. Unrivaled Throughput for Key mAb Discovery Applications

Up to 384 immobilized spots within the SPR detection area, plus 48 local reference spots

2. No Compromise: Data Quality & Throughput: LSA vs BiacoreTM 8K

Other leading systems sacrifce throughput for data quality, but you no longer have to restrict your R&D based on technology limitations.The LSA not only provides the highest throughput of any SPR system on the market, it does so without any loss in data qualit

3. Powerful, Intuitive Software Integrates mAb Discovery

The streamlined Navigator User Interface enables quick and efcient experimental setup for a diverse range of experiments using intuitive applications for each of the core mAb discovery areas of interest, thereby minimizing hands-on time. Dedicated Kinetics and Epitope data analysis packages provide rapid evaluation, analysis and visualization of large data sets; we use patented software tools for multiple data views that aid the discovery of unique high-value mAbs.



The LSA enables the following automated applications in single unattended runs:

1.       Capture-based kinetics and affinity: Screen up to 1152 mAbs

2.      Coupled kinetics: Up to 384 immobilized ligands

3.      Epitope binning: Interrogate up to 384×384 mAb/mAb pairwise interactions

4.      Quantitation: Measure concentration of up to 1152 mAbs

5.      Epitope mapping: Screen up to 384 mAbs against an array of up to 384 peptides

6.      Blocking / neutralization assays: 384 assay capacity

7.       Regeneration scouting: Scout 96 conditions in parallel

8.      General multiplexed applications: Array any combination of up to 384 ligands

(Please refer to the product mannual for information details.)