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The C.WASH is used to wash microwell plates using centrifugal force, without needles or pipette tips, for the non contact washing of cells, ELISA assays and bead-based DNA purification. This innovative method of plate washing improves the reproducibility of results, drives down costs, reduces timelines overall assay efficiency.


Features designed for your success

1. Unmatched washing efficiency

With residual volumes of <0.1 uL/well, the C.WASH drastically reduces the number of washing cycles required and results in faster and more reproducible assays.

2. Non-contact washing

Reduce the risk of cell damage and cross-contamination while saving on pipette tips.

3. Fast and automated 

Fully automated liquid removal from entire 96-, 384- and  1536-well plates in seconds.



1. Cell-based assays

Reduced background and lower  variation improve data quality and  increase z’ values in cellular assays.

2. High-throughput screening 

Well-documented API and minimal maintenance for seamless integration with fully automated workflows.

3. Protein arrays and  ELISA assays

Retain specified target molecules, while clearing out others, for more efficient assay performance.

4. DNA purification for  next-generation sequencing

Fully automated bead-based DNA  purification at reduced volumes in  NGS library preparation workflows.

(Please refer to the product mannual for information details.)