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Chipcytometry: Cytobot
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Chipcytometry is a cytometry for explorative analysis of cytometric and histological samples to understand structures, functions, and mechanisms on a cellular level. Chipcytometry combines the unsurpassed quantitative phenotyping ability of flow cytometry with the unparalleled detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy, while maintaining cell and biomarker integrity over > 20 months. Chipcytometry is the next generation cytometry.

To use Chipcytometry in your own laboratory or facility, we offer a modular system of intelligent machines to build your own customized workflow from sample preparation to result generation. For larger projects and large multicenter clinical studies, we recommend to use our workhorse – the Cytobot. Cytobot is based on Tecan hardware and up to 3 Zeiss-based scanners. Cytobot covers the complete workflow of antibody predilution, staining, optional permeabilization for intracellular stains, and scanning/bleaching.

All components are linked to each other seamlessly by software-based communication. Thus, you can plan your projects in your office, and the robots will automatically start to process the samples. If support is needed, or new data is available, the robots will contact you via messenger apps or desktop notifications.

Fig.1. The principle and workflow of Chipcytometry.

(Please refer to the product mannual for information details.)