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The Nanoimager is the complete package in high-resolution microscopy


dSTORM, PALM, single-particle tracking, Confocal, TIRF, HILO, smFRET – the Nanoimager means multiple microscopy techniques at your command.

You won't need one with the Nanoimager. Its in-built dampening counters vibrations. You can also forget about alignment. It's already been taken care of, for ever.

With integrated analysis tools, you start seeing results before the experiment has even finished.

The Nanoimager is designed to keep its lasers in, and ambient light out so you won’t need a dark room. Coupled with its compact size, you can locate it wherever it’s most productive.

At 80µm x 50µm, the field of view is one of the largest available in super-resolution. Combine it with a piezo stage working in 2nm steps, and you can automatically stitch overview scans for a total view of the sample.

With four laser colors, four different fluorophores can be analysed in each sample. And two can be captured simultaneously to give a deeper understanding of how different molecules interact.


Enhance the quality of your image by changing the illumination angle at the click of a button.


(Please refer to the product mannual for information details.)